Monday, July 20, 2009

Episode I: Naked by the Computer

OK, so I'm not naked right now, but sometimes I will be.

(I prefer to air dry. You know how it is.)

This being my first blog entry and all, I feel compelled to tell my life story or something. But that sounds a little self-absorbed, and I'd prefer not to bore my audience to death. So instead I will go over the last year or so.

I'm the kind of person who has always had a pretty well-controlled, ordered life. This tends to result in a lot of mediocrity, but I was always fine with that. Good old boring mediocre Mike.

For about 6 years my life didn't change much. I lived in an apartment all by myself. No kids, no pets, nothing to be responsible for. I played a lot of video games. Watched a LOT of movies. Went to work. Slept. Ate a lot of frozen pizza. I drove a black Chevrolet truck. When it came time to sell it, I bought another black Chevrolet truck. If that sounds incredibly boring, well, it is. Boring, predictable, and completely safe.

Then about ten or so months ago I got to know this girl....yeah, you know where this is headed. Needless to say my life is not nearly as predictable today.

I moved out of my sterile orderly apartment and into her house. "Living in sin", they call it. Doesn't feel so "sinful" to me. Ha!

Now I find myself fixing sinks and mowing grass and playing with her dog......getting on sketchy spinning carnival rides when I know darn well those things terrify me......driving halfway across the country to meet her family when I usually can't be bothered to go down the street to the post office. I traded in Chevy Truck #2 for a sensible little family car. I even bought a pair of flip-flops.

My late-night trips to the grocery store used to be for beef jerky, pizza and soft drinks. Now I'm running to the store to pick up cottage cheese and skim milk and dog food.

Some of my friends say I'm whipped. Maybe I am. But I can't recall ever being happier with my life.

It's not perfect of course. The future is a little scary right now. I'm being laid off in a couple months, after working at the same place for 9 years. Past that there appear to be several other big things on the horizon. None of them necessarily neat and easy.

But it's worth it. I know that, without a doubt.

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